Sunday, 4 May 2008

Short break in Amsterdam

I recently visited Amsterdam for a short break with a couple of friends. You can get really cheap flights which is great (jet2), and hotels for that matter though i woudn't recommend the Cordial Hotel where we stayed, as we were ferociously bitten by bed bugs!! Ew!
Architectural wise it is a magnificent city, what with the house designs and many canals. The best way to travel is by bike, everyone does it and if you shop around the many bike rental places you'll find some cheap deals. Also, there are discount vouchers available amongst tourist leaflets.
Going out at night is quite pricey, but its a vibrant city with loads of nice venues. Careful you don't go into a coffee shop though thinking your going to get a nice latte. This obviously, is code name for where to buy cannibis. It is legal but not in public-over there.
One attraction is the Anne Frank House, which you may have to queue a long time for. Another obviously is the Red Light district. We were a bit afraid to go there alone, so we went on a tour that was hosted by some Canadians. It was cheap and really informative. Plus you had the comfort of a crowd and someone who knows whats important to see. They also give you the history of the red light district which is very interesting.
That same group offer a free tour of Amstersam that starts by the palace. I would highly recommend this as it will help with finding your way around later on as well as teaching you some need to know things about the dutch culture!
This is a great holiday destination for adults of all ages, rumours of its seediness are not necesarily true unless thats the holiday your after. The majority of the city is beautiful and full of history, and the Itallian restaurant in the palace square is absolutely delicious!

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