Wednesday, 7 May 2008

PlayStation Eye

This sort of thing wouldn't really appeal to me normally, especially as the first I saw of the PlayStation Eye was when it was being advertised with that slightly nerdy looking card game. A clever idea none the less, scanning your card with the camera and then your monster appears on screen, but never the less, a bit geeky for me. one of the main features I got mine for was it's compatibility with Singstar. You can record your performances, take photos of yourselves for the high score table and even submit your videos online for others to view and rate. This is good fun, especially when there's a lot of you. There are also games to download from the PlayStation store, I can't remember the name of the one i got but It involved you pushing a ball around tall buildings using your hands. This is also a lot of fun and relaxing at the same time. Theres another game involving little people grabbing your hand, then you move them to safety, but I haven't had chance to try this one yet. These two set you back £3.50, there are also some silly ones which from what i can gather, don't actually involve any gameplay. Other uses include the ability to take shots of your face and import them into games such as Pro Evolution Soccer, but to be honest these look pretty dire. You get some software with the Eye called Eye create which basically allows you to take still and video shots and then edit them together, but I've struggled to think of a good use for that so far to be honest......... ;-). It also has a very good mic on it for the price, I picked mine up for under £20. This can also be used for online chat which again, unfortunately I haven't had chance to try out yet. As is often the way with products like this however, the novelty can wear off after a while, especially since the arrival of GTA4. Hopfully Sony will think of many more uses for it in years to come to persuade me to dust it off again. Overall, I would say it's a good product which adds yet another dimension to the PS3, but it's versatility will need to improve in order to score higher


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