Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games - Wii

Exciting and Energetic 5/5

Wow! For this game you need speed, stamina, agility and skill. Trust me, by the end of a competition you'll be feeling as though you have participated in the Olympic Games yourself. The Wii really comes into it's own with this game. The graphics are brilliant as we enter the Olympics with all our favourite charaters. I know what you're thinking - Sonic would definitely win he's that fast.

Any other console and you'd be button mashing to run and jump and so on. The Wii controllers however, are ideal as it's all about movement. Running requires your arms batting up and down as fast as you can, Swimming involves actually doing the breaststroke. As you can imagine it is a very active game.

So, not only is it an exciting innovative game, but it has the added bonus of keeping you fit. Little tipthough- don't overdo it on the first day as the muscle pain the next day is quite bad.

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