Sunday, 4 May 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV Review -PS3

Excellent Game 5/5

This game sees you as Nico, a foreigner who arrives in Liberty City in the hope of a new fantastic life that his cousin has wrote to him about. Upon arriving he sees that his cousin is not quite living the high life and is thrown into the dirty work of rescuing him from loan sharks and such like. The graphics of the game are much improved with the cars looking real enough. The police are also working harder as stealing a car can eaisly make you a wanted man. A great feature in this game is the freedom you have. A mobile phone which has the settings of a real one allows you to ring whomever you want arranging dates or getting work. Clothes shopping is a must to impress your dates and you can choose from a range of shoes, tops and trousers. You can also go to the internet cafe and browse online, purchasing new mobile ringtones or even online dating. The city is massive and quirky additions like having to pay at a toll bridge just keep you enthralled!
The weakness of the game in my opinion is that its too dark at night, this can be slightly improved by adjusting the brightness setting on the game. Also the car handling is a little difficult, when trying to slide round a corner at high speed it often just crashes. Takes some getting used to.
Overall, it is a fantastic game-best in the series so far!

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