Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Last two Harry Potter Books

Wow....i know what you're thinking...the films aren't that great as the acting is a little poor. Personally i can't get enough of them. The two last books-The Half Blood Prince and The Deathly Hallows are the best books i have read to date. They are no longer childrens books as they are filled with horror, war, and despair. It is a thrilling read with twists at every corner. I never imagined that reading these books would be better than watching a film, but i was wrong. Infact i now say, that the previous films have not done the books any justice. I was sucked in to the wizarding world amongst the chaos of the wizards war. I cannot stress how captulating the books were. I love them so much that i am actually quite devastated to have finished them. I urge everyone to start reading the Harry Potter saga, especially the last two books. You are really missing out if you haven't read them!!!!

***** Amazing!!!!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

PlayStation Eye

This sort of thing wouldn't really appeal to me normally, especially as the first I saw of the PlayStation Eye was when it was being advertised with that slightly nerdy looking card game. A clever idea none the less, scanning your card with the camera and then your monster appears on screen, but never the less, a bit geeky for me. one of the main features I got mine for was it's compatibility with Singstar. You can record your performances, take photos of yourselves for the high score table and even submit your videos online for others to view and rate. This is good fun, especially when there's a lot of you. There are also games to download from the PlayStation store, I can't remember the name of the one i got but It involved you pushing a ball around tall buildings using your hands. This is also a lot of fun and relaxing at the same time. Theres another game involving little people grabbing your hand, then you move them to safety, but I haven't had chance to try this one yet. These two set you back £3.50, there are also some silly ones which from what i can gather, don't actually involve any gameplay. Other uses include the ability to take shots of your face and import them into games such as Pro Evolution Soccer, but to be honest these look pretty dire. You get some software with the Eye called Eye create which basically allows you to take still and video shots and then edit them together, but I've struggled to think of a good use for that so far to be honest......... ;-). It also has a very good mic on it for the price, I picked mine up for under £20. This can also be used for online chat which again, unfortunately I haven't had chance to try out yet. As is often the way with products like this however, the novelty can wear off after a while, especially since the arrival of GTA4. Hopfully Sony will think of many more uses for it in years to come to persuade me to dust it off again. Overall, I would say it's a good product which adds yet another dimension to the PS3, but it's versatility will need to improve in order to score higher


The American Office TV Series

I wasn't much of a fan of the 'British' Office as i found the humour too dry and it was too cringeworthy for me. When a friend suggested we watch the American office i was not to keen but decided to give it a go. I'm so glad i did as it's amazing. The first episode is almost a replica of the British show, but after that it develops new storylines and plots. The humour is slightly lighter and the cringeworthyness is not so bad. Ofcourse it still exist but its very lighthearted. Steve Correll plays the lead role very well, as you empathise deeply with his character. The blossoming office romance between Pam the receptionist and Jim, keeps you guessing at every moment. I just can't get enough of it, when i'm not watching it, i'm thinking about watching it! A definite must see for all who enjoy a good comedy.

A laugh a minute show. *****

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games - Wii

Exciting and Energetic 5/5

Wow! For this game you need speed, stamina, agility and skill. Trust me, by the end of a competition you'll be feeling as though you have participated in the Olympic Games yourself. The Wii really comes into it's own with this game. The graphics are brilliant as we enter the Olympics with all our favourite charaters. I know what you're thinking - Sonic would definitely win he's that fast.

Any other console and you'd be button mashing to run and jump and so on. The Wii controllers however, are ideal as it's all about movement. Running requires your arms batting up and down as fast as you can, Swimming involves actually doing the breaststroke. As you can imagine it is a very active game.

So, not only is it an exciting innovative game, but it has the added bonus of keeping you fit. Little tipthough- don't overdo it on the first day as the muscle pain the next day is quite bad.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

The Eye (2008)- Review

I liked this film, it was edgy, well made and scared me a lot. I went to watch it with my friends. The 2 boys didn't like it whereas the girls did. Jessica Alba has a cornea transplant and begins to see ghosts and reapers. Plagued by nightmares and ghoulish sites she is terrified. She sets on a quest to find out who the donor was to see why it is happening. Amazingly this is different to any of the foreign horror remakes because it actually explains all and doesn't leave you wondering what on earth is going on.

The atmosphere is built up very well with the eery music and scenes are set up to make you jump. A very intruiging story line that is worth a watch only if your in to the supernatural type films such as The Moth Man Prophecies and White Noise.

*** Worth a watch.

Rush Hour 3- Review

This film is a MUST see!! It really is fantastic and the funniest film i have ever seen up to date. I literally was laughing out loud continuosly through the film with one hilarious scene after the other. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker find themselves intwined with the Triads and their journey to solve the mystery takes them to France where they meet an array of great characters-the crazy taxi driver being my personal favourite.

If you are looking for a film with a simple plot, great actor combi, a lot of action, and is hilariously funny then this is for you!

***** Amazing

Mario Kart Wii- Review

Brilliant 5/5

If like me you loved the old Mario Kart game then this new, and i dare say improved game does not dissappoint. With new weapon attacks and a mixture of old and new courses it brings the game into its own. You can play it with the classic controllers or wirless. Be warned it is rather more difficult to turn corners and takes some getting used to wireless. The soundtrack is fun and each course is bright and entertaining. The graphics are great too.The wheel is not necessary and personally i prefer it without. The downside is the limited number of courses. You can however, unlock some more. It really is best played with your friends, where competition is rife.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to tell.

A fantastic album! I love the noise and the energy which hits you from the moment it begins. Its kind of electric grundgy rock sound is enhanced by the lead vocals of Karen O who is amazing. Her style is charismatic; full of quirky excentric, even frantic energy. you do however get a feel for a a more mellow gentler side to her voice in the latter part of the album in Maps and Modern Romance which have a more sensative and heartfelt style. Modern Romance is particulally atmospheric. Great for anybody who likes rock music with a bit of a quirky twist. Play it full blast!

Short break in Amsterdam

I recently visited Amsterdam for a short break with a couple of friends. You can get really cheap flights which is great (jet2), and hotels for that matter though i woudn't recommend the Cordial Hotel where we stayed, as we were ferociously bitten by bed bugs!! Ew!
Architectural wise it is a magnificent city, what with the house designs and many canals. The best way to travel is by bike, everyone does it and if you shop around the many bike rental places you'll find some cheap deals. Also, there are discount vouchers available amongst tourist leaflets.
Going out at night is quite pricey, but its a vibrant city with loads of nice venues. Careful you don't go into a coffee shop though thinking your going to get a nice latte. This obviously, is code name for where to buy cannibis. It is legal but not in public-over there.
One attraction is the Anne Frank House, which you may have to queue a long time for. Another obviously is the Red Light district. We were a bit afraid to go there alone, so we went on a tour that was hosted by some Canadians. It was cheap and really informative. Plus you had the comfort of a crowd and someone who knows whats important to see. They also give you the history of the red light district which is very interesting.
That same group offer a free tour of Amstersam that starts by the palace. I would highly recommend this as it will help with finding your way around later on as well as teaching you some need to know things about the dutch culture!
This is a great holiday destination for adults of all ages, rumours of its seediness are not necesarily true unless thats the holiday your after. The majority of the city is beautiful and full of history, and the Itallian restaurant in the palace square is absolutely delicious!

Grand Theft Auto IV Review -PS3

Excellent Game 5/5

This game sees you as Nico, a foreigner who arrives in Liberty City in the hope of a new fantastic life that his cousin has wrote to him about. Upon arriving he sees that his cousin is not quite living the high life and is thrown into the dirty work of rescuing him from loan sharks and such like. The graphics of the game are much improved with the cars looking real enough. The police are also working harder as stealing a car can eaisly make you a wanted man. A great feature in this game is the freedom you have. A mobile phone which has the settings of a real one allows you to ring whomever you want arranging dates or getting work. Clothes shopping is a must to impress your dates and you can choose from a range of shoes, tops and trousers. You can also go to the internet cafe and browse online, purchasing new mobile ringtones or even online dating. The city is massive and quirky additions like having to pay at a toll bridge just keep you enthralled!
The weakness of the game in my opinion is that its too dark at night, this can be slightly improved by adjusting the brightness setting on the game. Also the car handling is a little difficult, when trying to slide round a corner at high speed it often just crashes. Takes some getting used to.
Overall, it is a fantastic game-best in the series so far!